25 June, 2021 //

This Man Is An Island

Being an adult can be a real challenge sometimes. But as long as you have your friends all will be well. Especially your best friend. Your bestie. Your bezzy. Your BFF. With your ‘number one amigo’ by your side there is no challenge in this world that is too much. Pandemic? Easy……… Or so I thought.


‘This man is an island’ is a story of a friendship under pressure. The World is changing. Constantly changing. But surely friendship will always remain a constant. Eric thinks so. But Dom isn’t so sure. Their current relationship status – It’s complicated.


Meet Eric….
Eric is old school. Unashamedly old school. He yearns for the landline and has very fond memories of teletext. He worries about the World. Feels that we don’t need to push the pause button but rather SLAM the rewind button.
Meet Dom….
Dom is new school. Mad for the future. It can’t come quick enough. See that latest product on that shiny shelf…. he’ll take it. Two of them. Just don’t ask him to call into the shop. Yuck.


Keith Singleton
Born and bred in Belgard Heights (via The Coombe), Keith studied Performing Arts at The Liberties College. Since graduating in 2003 his pursuits have seen him well travelled in a career characterised by variety. He has worked on a great number of Irish shows and the highlights of his shows abroad include clowning on a stage made of bamboo in the valley of Kathmandu with The Smile Project; donning a monofin in Taiwan to play the role of a Merman in Big Telly’s aquatheatre production The Little Mermaid and being temporarily part of the magic circle in Washington as the Master Magician in Cahoots N.I.’s Cuchulainn.

Closer to home Keith’s most recent Theatre Credits include Big Telly’s The Worst Café In The World, Tinderbox Theatre Companies Epic Borders & Creation Theatre’s The Tempest. In the not so very distant past Keith got to bring Looking Deadly to The Civic stage with his excellent friend / writing pal, Niamh McGrath.
Keith loves visiting Crumlin Children’s Hospital as a member of Aoife’s Clown Doctors, he is consistently recording as a Voice-Over Artist and is only delighted when he gets up to Tallaght Stadium to cheer on the Super Hoops.

Please visit www.keithsingleton.ie for more details.

Larry McGowan 

Hailing from the Blanch, Larry is an actor turned audio-geek. When not composing music and engineering sound, he can be found reading a good or a bad book. No longer trendy, toned or cool, Larry has accepted his fate as a quiet middle-aged audio buff with a penchant for writing.

Back when Larry was kind of trendy, toned and cool, he studied Drama in Dublin and Film, Music Technology and Youth Work in Galway. He spent fifteen glorious years in G town before returning to his native province to much fanfare (none) in 2019.

He now resides in Bray with his Wife and Daughter. It could be Shankill. Might be Bray.