Tenderfoot Moving Forward – Bridging the gap between arts and education

2019 has been a period of research and reflection for Tenderfoot, funded by the Creative Ireland Programme Scheme. Through research on the ground, both locally and internationally, the combined aims of this research have been to ground IMPACT in reality, and to inspire thinking beyond its original vision, so that Tenderfoot can move forward as an inclusive, ambitious, exciting and systematic programme.

With this in mind, the objectives of this research have been:

  • To make ‘meaningful contact’ with each second level school in South Dublin County;
  • To map the current landscape of professional theatre arts access and provision for secondary school students in South Dublin County and to create an understanding of current thinking in terms of the aims and needs of theatre arts provision and access;
  • To clarify the philosophical underpinnings of an expanded Tenderfoot programme;
  • To outline a comprehensive model of professional arts provision, in this case the art of theatre, based on a ‘young person as artist’ approach, with a focus on access, inclusivity and contemporary practice.