Ready, Steady, Show! 2018

Early Years Mini-Fest: Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th September 

The Civic is committed to families; they are, after all, our most important communities and the building blocks of our creative society. In the years ahead your theatre will look to provide regular engagements with families, providing the highest quality work to stimulate your child’s world and to help make play, story and imagination central to their way of interacting with life.

Following on from last year’s hugely popular showcase, we will once again host Ready, Steady, Show! mini-fest. This year we have a new line-up of artists who will take up the challenge of devising and/or further developing a new piece of work for children between the ages of 0 – 6 and presenting their work in progress idea all in one special day!

This year we have invited a new group of wonderful artists to take up the challenge. Orla Kelly and Deidre Rodgers have joined forces forces to present an interactive exhibition for young and old inspired by the magic of theatre and the characters brought to life within.  Eithne Ni Cathain has further developed a performance of lullabies for preschool children ages 4 and under featuring joyful sensory play led by Joanna Williams and Monica Munoz has devised a dance piece that playfully questions gender stereotypes and what is often considered “typical” or “normal” behaviour for girls and for boys.

This year’s festival coincides with our resident theatre makers, Monkeyshine, who will be presenting a brand new interactive theatre experience for young children and their adults called ‘Muckabout’. This is a work in progress performance created as part of a larger body of work exploring childhood relationships with the natural world.

We hope you enjoy the results as much as we are enjoying having such wonderful practitioners spend time with us here at The Civic.

Here’s to the future. Let’s have some fun!

This initiative is supported by South Dublin County Council and the Arts Council of Ireland.



Whats Happening?

Muck About - The Civic - Ready Steady Show 2018

Suantrai - The Civic - Ready Steady Show 2018

Princesses Can Be Pirates - The Civic - Ready Steady Show 2018

Higgeldy Piggeldy - The Civic - Ready Steady Show