THE ILLEGALS with NIAMH KAVANAGH Eagles and Fleetwood Mac – The classic-rock-revival show After almost two years of lock-down, it’s time for a summer breakout with a memorable night of unforgettable songs from the world’s two most iconic rock bands.

Led by brilliant voice of Niamh Kavanagh, The Illegals will take you on a journey for three hours of soulful harmonies, exciting riffs, blistering guitars and unforgettable songs. The best of two legendary bands in one night? It’s almost too good to be true.

“Niamh is outstanding – The Rolls-Royce of Irish Rock” – RTE
“Simply Stunning” – The BBC
“What a fantastic gig” – Facebook



Presented by The Illegals
Duration: 180 minutes. One interval
Age Suitability 8+