6 October, 2016 //

Sinéad and Marta: From Within

Marta De Lluvia and Sinéad Silva present an evening of theatre, poetry and song.

Marta is a poet and songwriter from Italy. Marta has performed internationally, but this will be her first time in Ireland. Whether through song or prose, Marta’s voice is a delight to listen to. Her work focuses on the search for the true self through life’s routine and adventures. Marta’s performance will be in English and Italian.

Sinéad is a writer and actress from Dublin. Whether a ‘surprise baby’ or a ‘miracle baby’ a new arrival is big news and a big upheaval. Sinéad will perform two original monologues dealing with infertility and unplanned pregnancy. As a writer and a performer Sinéad tries to capture the genuine emotion and humour in the stories of the everyday.