8 January, 2020 //

Mamasongue – The workshop

This Event is presented as part of The Mother Tongues Festival 2020.
In this workshop, children will learn one or two short sections of the ‘Mamasongue’ show, and be able to participate in a language of their choosing. Those that are happy to do so will be able to participate in the show later in the afternoon.

Languages: English, Irish, Swedish, Spanish, Lingala, Zulu
Suitable for Ages 6 – 10
Duration: 90 Mins.
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Artist Bio: Born in Stockholm, Sweden where she studied at the prestigious Adolf Frederik Musik School, Camilla Griehsel has been singing to enraptured audiences since she was a small child.
In her twenties she fronted the U.S chart-topping Norwegian pop group ‘One 2 Many’, then abandoned pop music to study opera. Her many roles include performing the lead in the Yiddish production of The Dybbuk in Tel Aviv, and the lead, in Spanish, in Maria de Buenos Aires at the Cork Opera House. She premiered her eclectic one-woman show, ‘Mamasongue’ in 2018 featuring songs from across the world.
For more see: http://singsinglove.com/about/