20 November, 2017 //

Lunatic, There I Go

Forced to leave home.  Silenced.  Scared.  Abandoned.

This is the true story of Hanna Greally, who was a ‘patient’ for 18 years in St. Loman’s psychiatric institution, Mullingar.
In an extraordinary tale of empowerment, meet the woman who reclaimed her voice in her much loved book Bird’s Nest Soup, attracting nationwide attention with her appearance on RTE’s The Late Late show.
With its blend of movement, dialogue, visuals and music, this stage adaptation brings you into the remarkable world of her survival.

Audiences are invited to stay for a post-show discussion following each performance.
Hanna Greally’s personal scrapbook will also be presented.

Produced by Gill McCaw for Floating World Productions. Concept by Andrea Scott.
Duration: 65 mins no interval

Presented by Civic Theatre in association with First Fortnight.
This production is supported by Grow – World Community  Mental Health Movement in Ireland.
Play development has been supported by Fishamble: The New Play Company’s New Play Clinic”  and the Arts Council.