31 May, 2022 //

Dolly and Mick

A musical double act, a relationship in crisis, is it time to face the final curtain? Dolly and Mick are returning from a gig. He’s a widower from Limerick, she’s a divorcee from Arkansas. They both know their relationship is in trouble. Mick thinks they just need a break. Dolly knows the only way to save their relationship is to give up the act.

A funny, engaging story with a poignant denouement and several live songs that echo the love and hope, disillusion and despair, passion and perseverance that colours their story.

Presented by Heartfelt Productions
Duration: 80 minutes. 
Suitable For All Ages 

Please note curtain up 8:15pm on Thurs 22nd and 7:30pm on Friday 23rd September