25 October, 2016 //

Darrell Scott

“I look like an insider because of everything I‘ve done but I always felt like an outsider,” Darrell Scott says. “And that’s important—to be an outsider.”

He’s also a master. Witness his ability to make just about any instrument talk, listen to his vocals and songwriting to hear him contain every emotion between joy and pain within one verse in his singing and in his pen. Nowadays he’s taking the outsider role even more seriously; after 23 years in Nashville he spent the last year devoting himself to a self-sufficient lifestyle in the country while simultaneously putting together his best album in years. This show will feature Darrell Scott performing SOLO.

‘Emotionally charged singer and the musician’s musician.’ LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR
‘Unassuming, unpretentious and unfailingly brilliant.’ BLURT
‘Simply superb.’ NO DEPRESSION
‘A writer, and singer, of peculiar emotive force.’ THE BOSTON GLOBE

Presented by WBA Entertainment Inc.
Duration: 90 mins. No interval