28 August, 2020 //


It’s not an easy task keeping children occupied right now so we are hoping to relieve the pressure a little with some quality short films and resources, courtesy of Access Cinema.

‘Looks speak louder than words’. Darrel the green chameleon feels comfortable sitting alone in the metro eating flies. However he soon discovers another chameleon (red) has chosen the other end of the bench where she is quietly reading a book. They notice each other and exchange glances, but both react shyly. The red chameleon blushes and looks cautiously interested whereas Darrel, who is possibly also interested, is overcome with embarrassment. He changes, as chameleons do, and blends into the metro walls. Have they missed the opportunity to be friends?

Resources for Darrel

Duration: 3 minutes
Language: Spanish
Classified as PG and with a recommended age of 8-12 years (approximately)