Artzheimers Exhibition


Sometimes when we have a relative who has Alzheimer’s, we feel that they are lost to the world and we have lost them also from the world. The beauty of an ARTzheimer’s exhibition is that it reminds us that this is not the case.’
Emily O’Reilly (European Ombudsman and Ambassador to ARTzheimer’s)

It’s been eight years since the Civic last hosted a new art exhibition. That will change come March 20th with the unveiling of the ARTzheimers 2017 collection to be presented throughout the building as part of the first VOYAGE showcase.

Established in 2014 and based in Tallaght, ARTzheimer’s uses the medium of visual art and touching human stories to connect people. In partnership with The Civic, twenty artists have been commissioned, each interpreting a specific brief – for ARTzheimer’s is not art for arts sake; this illness has and will touch the lives of many of us.

This unique free exhibition will provoke as well as inspire and we invite our patrons to visit the theatre and help play a role in bringing about positive change in the Alzheimer’s care system.

Artzheimers Art Gallery Opening Night