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Pl - AI Live At The Civic Theatre, Tallaght Dublin 24


  • 9 March // 7pm
  • Main Space
  • Free Ticketed Event, Booking Required

Civic Theatre introduces PL-AI, the experimental stage-show where an artificial intelligence-generated script for an original play is instantly created from audience prompts, and staged ‘impromptu’ by Actors.  The show is FREE but ticketed, on a strictly limited basis.

PL-AI puts the audience in control of the creative process. Through a moderator, the audience suggests a plays genre, key plot points, and other details, which are then fed into an AI system. The computer immediately generates a script on the spot, which is then performed impromptu by highly skilled actors.

The show in turn offers the audience a deeper understanding of story-arcs and the traditional process of play development. To participate in the show, the audience will be moderated by a host who will invite them to suggest a plays genre, key plot points, and other details. These suggestions will be fed into ChatGPT, which will analyse and generate a script in real-time. The actors will then perform the play live, using their skills and instincts to bring the script to life on stage.

“PL-AI is an opportunity for the audience to immerse themselves in the creative process of theatre”, said the shows creator, Niall Austin. “By putting the audience in control of the creative process, we’re allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of how story-arcs are formed and how a play develops over time. With the help of AI, we’re creating a performance that’s both unique and educational”.

Donal Shiels, Artistic Director at the Civic, says: “This is a unique hybrid of research and performance, lifting the veil on the creation and performance of theatre, exposed both the limitations and the potential of a machine’s imagination, while throwing down the gauntlet on whether we humans can overcome our fear or suspicion of AI to create art together”.

Join us for the FREE unique first step into the exciting new world!

This event will be followed by a post-show discussion

Presented By: The Civic Theatre
Duration: 90 Minutes. One Interval.
Suitable For All Ages 

Director/ Facilitor:
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