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7 Deadly Sins


  • 12 - 13 Jul // 7pm
  • Main Space
  • €12

The Civic Theatre is delighted to announce that it will host development performances of ‘7 Deadly Sins’, the World’s First Hybrid ‘eGaming/Storytelling’ Stage Show this June.

Imagine a stage-show where you don’t just immerse yourself in the story, enjoy the music and marvel at the spectacle, but you also get to share and actively ‘game’ your way through the character’s journey!

‘7 Deadly Sins’ is not just a show but a dynamic experience, offering a new frontier in live entertainment where Technology, Narrative and Performance converges to create an unforgettable night out. This steam-punk, rock opera, created by Niall Austin and directed by Prof. David Bassuk, re-imagines Dante Alighieri’s 14th century masterpiece ‘Inferno’ for the 21 st century. The 7 Deadly Sins now relate to various digital/social media channels (Instagram = Envy, Tinder = Lust, Crypto currency = Greed, etc.) , with their corresponding consequences (‘contrapasso’), while the ‘Circles of Hell’ are presented as the evolving Digital Landscape.

But in tandem with the on-stage ‘action’, audience members can engage in companion ‘First Person Shooter’ battles against an array of virtual demons, zombies, dragons, and more, using proprietary Augmented Reality gaming technology, contextually designed around the on-stage performance.

This ground-breaking technology, created in partnership with Maynooth University, allows the audience to actively ‘live’ in the narrative, transforming them from ‘passive’ attendees into ‘active’ participants through just a simple App on their mobile phone, creating seamless interaction between the audience and performers in real-time.

With a cast that includes opera sensation, Claudia Boyle, rising Hip-Hip star Fortune and singer and actress Aoife Spratt, ‘7 Deadly Sins’ is set within an elaborately-lit, ‘other-worldly’ stage that also features a host of other, never before seen interactive features.

Presented By: Niall Austin in association with The Civic
Duration: 82 mins.
Age Suitability: 12+

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