Miss Picklefeather is very curious and has lots of questions about everything…….

Then one day her curiosity leads her through the gateway of a strange and Shadowy World. She finds herself at Magnificent Marvello’s Special Seaside Circus where the performers are in trouble, and they need her help. Mr Marvello the owner of this circus used to be so kind but one day his heart turns cruel and hard but why?

Will Miss Picklefeather be able to help Mr Marvello find his real heart again? Who is the little Wooden Boy that has caused so much trouble? Can she save the circus from a terrible end?

Created, performed, and written by Theatre Artist Margaret Callan-Bergin ‘Wooden Heart’ is an original magical tale that takes us on a journey with Miss B Curious Pickle Feather. This story is uniquely told through Shadow Puppet Artistry.

Supported by the South Dublin cultural quarter’ and in development by the Arts Council of Ireland

Theatre Performance  presented by Garbo Productions in association with Red Line book festival 
Duration: 90 minutes
Suitable for AGES  7 -11 and their families