2 August, 2018 //

A Winter Wish

Every winter in Whistleberry Forest, a little robin comes to visit and grants the creatures of the forest their very own wish – they can wish for whatever they want! As Ornaith the owl, Sorley the snail, and Faoiláin the frog sing the magic words, the forest is transformed before their eyes into an enchanting wintry wonderland.

From dripping icicles to gentle snowfall, the delight of skating on an icy river or flying high on a moonlit night, discover the mysteries of Whistleberry Forest in a mesmerising traditional music performance made for children.

Ceol Connected’s A Winter Wish is a highly interactive, multisensory, and immersive musical adventure that has been specifically developed to engage children with special educational needs.

Max capacity 10 children

Age suitability: 3-10 years

Presented by Ceol Connected