19 February, 2016 //

Will Work 4 WiFi

SUPPORT ACT: The legendary Tom O’Mahony !!!!!!!!

Will Work 4 WiFi is a brand new stand up show by Cormac Moore, dealing with the growing social problem of internet addiction.

Having developed a tolerance to 56k dial up early in his life, the Spin1038 presenter found himself needing stronger and faster batches of WiFi to get the same buzz as before. A dependency and dangerous addiction soon followed.

The highly entertaining and thought provoking show will deal with everything from sleep deprivation to the Illuminati and hopefully inspire more people to seek help and take back control of their lives.

Cormac Moore is regarded as one of the “best comedy prospects of late” by the Capital Comedy Club Dublin, he was nominated for a PPI Radio Award in 2014 and again in 2015 and has supported huge Irish acts such as David O’Doherty and Jarlath Regan.

His comedic talents help land him a major presenting role on one of Dublin’s largest breakfast shows, Fully Charged on Spin1038 and his show continues to be the fastest growing in Dublin.

Twitter: @CormacComedy
Instagram: @CormacComedy
Snapchat: Cormacmoore