24 January, 2019 //

This Land

Our oldest myths tell of people who came to this land from afar. Ireland welcomed them, and the land remembered them all.

In collaboration with singer Farah Elle, Candlelit Theatre and a group of Young Artists recently arrived to Ireland, This Land will weave Ireland’s oldest mythological tales with those of the new people who come to this land today.

What reception is given to them in this land of a thousand welcomes?

Through the age-old crafts of storytelling, song, spoken word, music and movement, we will ignite a fire to shine a light on these untold tales.

A poignant and immersive theatrical experience that explores the fundamental question; what is it to belong?

Presented by St Patrick’s Festival, Candlelit Theatre
Duration: 50 minutes, no interval

Panel Discussion:
Artist duo Kennardphilips, Vukasin Nedeljkovic (Asylum Archive) and actor/writer Donal O’ Kelly. The panel will be an exploration of the work of these creatives and the themes of This Land in the wider context of Art and Activism (Artivism).
Kennardphillipp’s most recent exhibition Finnegans Woke is on Display in Rua Red until 29th March, 2019.