14 July, 2015 //

The Unlucky Cabin Boy

Based on a true story, The Unlucky Cabin Boy tells of the young Patrick O’Brien of Limerick in 1835. In a desperate attempt to escape his life of poverty, he joined the Francis Spaight ship as a cabin boy on the ship’s voyage to the New World. On the ship’s return, they encountered a storm and capsized. After two weeks trying to survive in the righted ship but with their provisions lost, it was decided that one crew member should die in order to prolong the lives of the others. Our hero, Patrick O’Brien drew lots, called himself on the death lot, and was killed and eaten by the crew. Featuring the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra.

“One of the most unique theatrical experiences this writer has witnessed……” –  Limerick Leader 

Written by Mike Finn

Music and lyrics by David Blake (click here to listen to songs)

Directed by Paul Meade