24 July, 2018 //

The Shakespeare Sessions

The Shakespeare Sessions are engaging student-centred performances of Shakespeare texts.

Each performance includes a scholarly review clarifying the main themes as well as discussions with the students and the opportunity to participate.

Cyclone Rep’s Shakespeare Sessions will guide Junior Cert and Leaving Cert learners in their understanding of The Bard’s masterpieces.

Cyclone Rep will be performing four shows at The Civic this year:
For Senior Cycle students: The Hamlet Session and The Macbeth Session.
For the Junior Cycle students: The Romeo & Juliet and The Merchant Session.

Mon 12/11/18 The Merchant Session 9.45am & The Macbeth Session 1pm
Tue 13/11/18 The Romeo & Juliet Session 9.45am & 1pm
Wed 14/11/18 The Hamlet Session 9.45am & 1pm

For more details of each specific show, please visit our website: www.cyclonerep.com

The Macbeth Session: “As usual always brilliant, lovely, mix of Insightful analysis of major themes, great craic, serious actors, keep it up!” – John Galvin, Clare Teacher.
The Hamlet Session (2016): “The acting was top class, really demonstrating the power of live theatre and the breaks really helped to bring through themes and explain the storyline”. – Michael Dillon, Galway Teacher.
The Romeo & Juliet Session: “Fantastic performance which brought ‘Romeo & Juliet’ to life for young people”. – Nicola Crowley, Cork Teacher.
The Merchant Session: “An excellent engaging production. The students really loved the interactive elements and the use of humour made it very accessible. We’ll be back again!” – Niamh Mc Grath, Limerick Teacher.

TO BOOK CALL 021 235 5356 or email info@cyclonerep.com
More info: www.cyclonerep.com