“Perhaps when my diary is discovered people will understand the torment of being a thirteen and three quarter-year old intellectual….”

All the agonies of Sue Townsend’s loveable loser are brought to life by the boisterous Bruiser Theatre Company.  Hilariously captured in his secret diary, adolescence doesn’t offer much for our Adrian.  His parents’ crumbling marriage, spots and bullies, his unrequited love for Pandora, and the erratic behaviour of his dog – his teenage world is an outrageous triumph of deadpan and deadly accurate satire.

ABBA, Princess Di’s wedding, punks, Monty Python, and the Falklands campaign – all the cultural pageantry of a keenly observed era marches past the unique perspective of Sue Townsend’s creation: A. Mole, the unforgettable lad whose self-absorption only gets funnier as his life becomes more desperate.

Adapted from the best-selling book with original music, Adrian Mole is a nostalgic blast from the past, jam-packed with fun, laughter and warmth.

By Sue Townsend, Bruiser’s 20th Anniversary Production
Presented by kind permission from Sayle Screen on behalf of the Sue Townsend Estate