6 August, 2014 //

The Romeo & Juliet Session

Presented by Cyclone Rep

The Shakespeare Sessions are entertaining and engaging student-centred performances of Shakespeare texts. Each performance includes a scholarly review clarifying the main themes as well as discussions with the students and the opportunity to participate. Cyclone Rep’s Shakespeare Sessions will guide Junior Cert and Leaving Cert learners in their understanding of The Bard’s masterpieces.

Shakespeare comes to life in The Romeo & Juliet Session! The bard directs a group of modern actors in his great romantic tragedy. However, problems arise as Mr. Shakespeare’s sixteenth century attitudes and demeanor clash with those of the modern performers. Arguments, discussion and enlightenment ensue!

Cyclone once again introduces students to one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays with stunning performances, historical background, discussion of major themes and audience participation and interaction.

Topics and themes introduced and/or analyzed in The Romeo and Juliet Session: Shakespeare’s main source, Symbols in the play, The passage of time in Romeo and Juliet, Nature of love, Love as a religious experience, Benvolio’s function, Fate, Romeo’s Transformation, Love vs. Lust, Conflict, Historical context of the Capulet/Montague feud, Lack of women performers in Elizabethan Theatre, Attitudes to homosexuality in Shakespeare’s time, Parental Authority, Storytelling in Shakespeare’s time.

Cast: Luke Barry, Martin Condon, Marie O’Donovan, Sean McNally

“A ‘must see’ performance for any student tackling Shakespeare for the Junior Cert. Fun and relevant. Fantastic production” – Michelle Jordan, Ballina Teacher.


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