6 August, 2014 //

The Othello Session

Presented by Cyclone Rep

The Shakespeare Sessions are entertaining and engaging student-centred performances of Shakespeare texts. Each performance includes a scholarly review clarifying the main themes as well as discussions with the students and the opportunity to participate. Cyclone Rep’s Shakespeare Sessions will guide Junior Cert and Leaving Cert learners in their understanding of The Bard’s masterpieces.

Cyclone Rep is delighted to present their new show, The Othello Session. The tale of The Moor, Desdemona, and Iago is presented to Leaving Cert Audiences but with Cyclone Rep’s unique twist!

Yes! Welcome to “The Othello Session”, a Quiz Show where the actors/participants perform the play while competing in several rounds of quizzes and puzzles specially designed to understand and analyse the themes and plot of the play! Guided by the Game Master Janus, they will have to perform the play to the best of their abilities and use their knowledge and the audience’s help to win the Quiz Show that is The Othello Session!

Topics and themes introduced and/or analyzed in The Othello Session: Racism, Jealousy, Appearance vs. Reality, Manipulation, The Source of Othello, Imagery, View of Men and Women

Cast: Marcus Bale, Luke Barry, Marie O Donovan, Angelina Ryle

“This was, by a long way, the best, liveliest and most engaging school performance I have attended” – James Gordon, Donegal Teacher.


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