22 September, 2022 //

The Ministry For All Beings

Have you heard of The Ministry For All Beings, code name TM FAB? It’s quite possible that you haven’t. We are a secret agency, working in many mysterious and creative ways to build a future where all the inhabitants of the Earth can live together in balance and harmony.


The Secret is spreading, children and adults all over the world are training to become TM FAB Agents of Change. They are coming together to stand up for the rights of nature, to remember what it means to be a true member of the Earth Community and create a healthy future for all.


Would you like to become an Agent working for TM FAB? If the answer is YES! then come and take part in our latest mission.


We will be travelling around Ireland inviting people to join us as we play a game of possibilities, remember our deep

connection to the Earth and use our collective creativity and our powers of imagination to create a giant celebration of connection.


Be part of the change!


If you were a being of the air what being would you be?
If you were a being of the soil what being would you be?

If you were a being of the water what being would be?
If you were a being of that walked on four legs what being would you be?

If you were a landscape what landscape would you be ?

If you were weather what weather would you be?

If you were a season, what season would you be?


Imagined by Monkeyshine, The Ministry For All Beings will be inviting participants young and old to tune into their connections to their fellow Earth inhabitants and to create a piece of art work that will become a fractal in a collective and interactive sculpture.


Including work by nearly 1000 participants, Create The Future, will take a month to come to life and will celebrate the fragility and the strength of our Earth community.

Remembering our ancient connections and looking into a future of hope and harmony. It will take the positive intentions of many for this piece to Flourish and thrive.


The Ministry for All Beings
Create the Future