1 July, 2015 //

The Grandeur of Delusions

Directed by Ann Brophy

The actors Noelle Brogan and Aaron Jenner are both from South Dublin and attended school locally where they acquired their life long love for drama.

The Grandeur of Delusions is a monologue for two people – which is an obvious contradiction – but which in this case is depressingly true. It depicts an alcoholic talking to himself through the medium of his delusion, a girl. The absence of love and hugs in childhood is sufficient to manifest itself in Oblivion Drinking, as they try to fill the void of “Lacking” which they don’t understand – and which only the temporary solution of blackouts can redress, and relieve their suffering. The play deals in an ironic and funny fashion with the trials and tribulations of families in desperation. Suitable for ages 15+.

Heart & Soul Theatre Company was formed in 2014 by concerned individuals. Our Artistic Policy is to pursue Truth in Theatre and to promote full length plays that has something to say about the world that surrounds us – and to hopefully encourage young people to attend theatre more often.


Presented by Heart & Soul Theatre Company
Written by Hugh Murphy