23 July, 2019 //


Join Mac at The Civic on his amazing archaeology adventures as he creates his fantastical stories that take the audience on this magical imagining.

It’s day 120 of The Dig and Mac still hasn’t found anything ‘significant’. His boss Linda is threatening to close the site. As he hits rock bottom, he recalls the stories his Grandmother used to tell him and how ‘the story behind something is often much more important than the thing itself’.

As Mac remembers her words of wisdom, he stumbles across the find of the decade, and reveals a well-worn tale from a different perspective, proving to his Boss and to his Granny that he has what it takes to be a great archaeologist. From the team that brought you BAKE!, performer and writer Paul Curley, designer Ger Clancy and director Robert Alan Evans, bring this brand new adventure to life. The Dig spins a classic yarn into a brand new light that will delight and charm audiences young and old.

Supported by The Arts Council Theatre Touring Award, Irish Theatre Institute Roscommon Arts Centre.

Presented by Paul Curley
Duration: 40 minutes. No interval
Suitable for children ages 6+ and their families