23 August, 2018 //

Take Off Your Cornflakes

As Part of The Redline Book Festival 2018

Take Off Your Cornflakes is a portrait of a marriage, and yet, a love story! Tom and Trish have celebrated their silver wedding anniversary but what happens when he wakes up with a strange woman beside him and she tells him she’s his wife? Trish has to make a choice. Which she does, armed only with humour, music and love. This play is inspired by Rose’s Dad, Jack, who had Alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember he had cancer. “He taught us about staying in the present, because that’s where he lived. We had to learn to never ask a question that didn’t have the answer in the room. His intelligence made life a crossword puzzle to be solved. I believe humour is the only way to survive, if this topic visits you.” Who am I without my past? Who am I without my partner? When we go out of our mind, where do we go? You will laugh, you may cry, but you will find a tender story of the true meaning of love. A Show in a Bag Production created by Rose Henderson and Pat Nolan. Directed by Liam Halligan.