15 February, 2017 //


Welcome to Manky Stinkin’ Dublin, a claustrophobic, drug infested city. Little Lamb, Steve, Fat, Lep and Amanda are tormented, struggling to escape cyclical patterns of self-destruction, and battling to survive in a dull, toxic place “with dreams of something new, maybe”. On the 20th anniversary of its debut, Enda Walsh’s raw, uncompromising play is re-enacted with a dose of contemporary style, in a Dublin different and yet unchanged from that which the play was inspired by.

Contains strong language, violence, sexual references and drug references.

Presented by Freshly Ground Theatre
Written by Enda Walsh
Directed Collaboratively by the cast with Vlad Gurdis and Megan Thompson

Starring: Emily Boyne, Michelle Henry, Ken Hudson, Chris Kelly and Martha Knight

Duration: 70 mins. No interval