Brendan Balfe tells tales from behind the microphone

How did Terry Wogan inaugurate young announcers? Why did the newsreader fall off the chair? What caused Larry Gogan to collapse in giggles?

Irish radio wasn’t as serious as it sounded. Behind the solemn sound of serious programmes, there was some hilarity and laughter. In his new one-man entertainment, Brendan Balfe recalls some of the personalities and eccentrics who became household names in Ireland.

Brendan not only tells hilarious stories, but also plays some actual clips from programmes, as well as the unintended mistakes, or ‘Bloopers’, that every broadcaster is prone to.

In his 50 years in broadcasting, Brendan has worked with all the greats and his memories and anecdotes add colour to the history of Irish broadcasting. His tales of Gay Byrne, Mike Murphy, Maurice O’Doherty, Dermot Morgan, and many others, steer just this side of the libel laws. He also tells of meeting such diverse personalities as Peggy Lee, Stan Freberg and Jimi Hendrix.

Renowned for his comedy and documentary programmes, Brendan Balfe has also been a scriptwriter, producer, author, performer and television associate as well as winner of three International Awards for radio comedy. His accounts of broadcasting legends -and their foibles- add up to a fascinating and ‘historically funny’ experience.

‘Brendan Balfe- a National Treasure’ Sunday Independent