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The Civic are delighted to release our “Songs of Change”, ten new songs on the theme of identity, community and our journey through life, inspired by the idea of change.

On the 18th March 2020, The Civic Theatre along with all other cultural institutions followed government guidelines and closed its doors. Silence settled into the corners of the building. No voices rang out from the stage. There was no heady buzz of conversation in the foyer. The Civic is all about people and place. The Civic’s place in South Dublin County. And the people for whom The Civic is a gateway to that most important of spaces, the imaginary realm. For it is in the dreamtime, and what is theatre and the arts but waking dreams, that we can contemplate, challenge and come to terms with the world and our place in it.

Veronica Coburn, associate artists at The Civic reached out to local citizens…. ‘Do you want to come together to explore the idea of change? In this collective moment of great change? Explore moments in your life when your view of the world was altered?’
The response was immediate and immense. Songs of Change was born.

Inspired by the words of local participants , brought to life in music by artists such Jess Kavanagh, Shiv, Toshín, Ellen Quinn Banville, Farah Elle, Maria Kelly, Síofra Nolan, Sinita, Faye O’Rourke & Debra Salem.

For the next few weeks we will highlight and showcase each song, the artist and the participants involved.

Made possible through the kind support of
Arts Council Ireland