18 February, 2015 //

Songs from the Swans at Coole

A new cycle of songs featuring the poetry of W.B Yeats composed by Michael Scott.

To mark his 150th Birthday in 2015 – Michael Scott has composed a new song cycle exploring poetry of W.B.Yeats, focusing on the development of the Irish state and his unrequited love for Maude Gonne. Poems include Innisfree, Sailing to Byzantium, When you are old, The Sorrow of Love, No Second Troy.

A selection of poetry will be presented and singers Yvonne Brennan (Soprano) and Anthony Norton (Tenor) will sing the new musical settings of selected poems with a traditional Irish orchestra. The orchestra will consist of Irish harp, whistle, percussion, fiddle, cello, french horn, concertina, pianoforte and keyboards.

Presented by CTD (City Theatre Dublin)