Sing Me to the Sea (at home) is a magical watery adventure for children with Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) & their families – performed in your own garden/driveway!

Sing Me To The Sea was originally performed in hydropools (over 100 performances to date across Ireland), however because of the current situation,  the company is now touring in a brand new ‘dry-land’ version in August in collaboration with the Mermaid (Bray), The Civic (Tallaght) and Riverbank Arts Centre (Newbridge).  Taking the responsiveness of the show to a whole new level, this re-imagined ‘dry land’ version will be performed in the gardens/drives/outside the windows of homes of families of children with PMLD.   Full of ethereal live harmony singing and gorgeous costumes (created by award-winning composer David Goodall and renowned costume designer Susan Scott), reflective silver balls, rainbow fish and water moving through colanders like waterfalls will all happen at an appropriate distance from our audience members, with their accompanying adults mirroring the action to add the up-close sensory element.

Anna Newell is a Bray-based theatremaker who has been making theatre adventures for many different audiences since 1989.  She was the first Irish-based theatremaker to create theatre designed especially for children and young people with PMLD and her work for Early Years audiences has been seen on six continents and off-Broadway.

This is the first time that a tour of this kind is taking place and for logistical reasons, it will only be possible to accommodate a small number of performances. Early Booking is advisable.
A virtual pre-visit will take place to ensure that each different private ‘at-home’ adventure is magical, calm and, of course, safe. If you are interested in having this performance take place in your garden/driveway.

Please fill in this short form and we will give you a phone call to discuss your request to book Sing Me To The Sea further.

Please note, in order to ensure that the experience is both as safe and as relaxed as possible for our audiences, we are undertaking a booking process that has several stages.  Your booking isn’t confirmed until we get to the final stage.

Sing Me to The Sea tour is supported by The Arts Council. 

If you would like for info about the RIVERBANK EVENT CLICK HERE

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