25 September, 2014 //

Rhubarb Crumble

There’s a fine line between failure and misery. Often, there’s no line at all. Just ask this second-rate children’s theatre company, whose members all fantasise about the lives they could have led had they not been held back by each other.

Uncensored and irreverent – with a sprinkling of show-stopping tunes – these failed entertainers are brought to life just as they are gifted one last, desperate shot at success. This show is for fans of punchline-heavy comedy at breakneck speed, and anyone who has never followed their dream and wants to feel good about it.

Suitable for 15 years +.

‘Originally Absurd’Sunday Business Post
‘A host of innumerable characters with relish and aplomb’ NoMoreWorkHorse
‘I’m so excited a little bit of pee came out’ Oliver Callan (Impressionist, Callans Kicks)
‘A ridiculously talented bunch of clowns’ Kevin McGahern (Republic of Telly)

Presented by Ghost Train Willy