28 October, 2021 //

Red Hurley- Love is All

Multi award winning Irish vocalist Red Hurley is one of Ireland’s most enduring entertainers whose career has spanned several decades to the present day. Affectionately referred to as “The Voice” amongst his peers, Red has the gift of singing all genres of Music.

Several decades of adapting to the many varieties of entertainment and entertaining thousands of people around the World has made Red the consummate concert artist.

Red sets off on his “The Music of my Life” concert tour for 2020, accompanied by his chosen musicians and guests travelling around Ireland to perform at his favourite intimate theatres.

Outspoken journalist Kevin Myers, wrote in the Irish Independent, “Red’s intuitive sense of the beautiful is one reason why he is such a wonderful singer. He will find the key element of any song – a single note or phrase – and elevate that into an unexpected little musical jewel.”

Red’s ‘The Music of my Life’ concert tour promises to be an evening of pure enjoyment.

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Duration: 90 minutes. No interval