4 December, 2018 //

Princesses can be Pirates

Princesses  can be Pirates wants to take children into an adventure to explore dance and to playfully question what is often considered “typical” or “normal” behaviour for girls or for boys, where play is everything and everywhere. Brave or foolhardy the two dancers join forces to unknown territories- in a series of hilarious scrapes and lively escapades- as they swap toys, costumes and activities- to defy stereotypes and to break the norm.

Welcome to our adventure. There will be dance, acrobatics, hip hop moves and lots of toys … This show is about children who want to decide by themselves, for those who don’t remain sitting for a long time, and those who like to imagine more than they can see. With lots and lots of laughter!

Presented by Monica Munoz
Duration: 40 minutes. No interval
Age suitability 4+

10am show: Schools contact Box Office 01 4627477
4pm Family shows