6 August, 2014 //

No Smoke Without Fire

There’s €60,000 in post office robbery money up for grabs and scandal knows no bounds as six women gossip intermittently in the smoking area of a Dublin pub leaking a trail of personal information behind them. As the innocent, along with the guilty suffer the stings of innuendo and the lashes of sharp tongues a hilarious tale of crime and it’s consequences unfolds. Starring Mary Murray.

‘What makes this close to a magical hour is Paddy Murray’s mastery of Dublin Argot, delivered by his characters with meaty and frequently hilarious gusto… And then of course there’s Mary Murray, sole performer on an empty stage. She couples the space with such consummate skill that her audience feel themselves being shoved and poked at the crowded bar, choking in the smoky haze, an uneasy witness to the frayed tempers that range from the irritating and pesky to the dangerously violent…and that’s just the women. That’s acting folks.’Emer O’ Kelly, Sunday Independent 

Presented by Viking Theatre
Written by Paddy Murray
Directed by Jimmy Smallhorne