7 September, 2018 //


Hey!  Do you want to come out and play? Muckabout is a story with an invitation to join in. Come and wiggle your toes in the earth, create a magical new world and explore the limitless possibilities of your imagination.

In this busy, fast paced world, with so much to do and so much to achieve, Muckabout is a little reminder of just how important it is to make time to get outside and play. For children aged 3- 7 years and their friends and family.

Commissioned by The Civic and created by Monkeyshine, Civic theatre company in residence, making work with young audiences 2018.

Presented by The Civic, in partnership with Tallaght Community Arts, Muckabout will feature performances for local schools and a family show for the local community.

Muckabout will be presented during our Ready, Steady, Show! mini-fest.  Following on from last year’s hugely popular showcase, this year we have a line-up of new artists who will take up the challenge of devising a concept for a new piece of work for children between the ages of 0-6 and presenting their work in progress idea all on two special days!

Monday 17th September Schools Shows 10am & 11am, Family show 2:30pm

Tuesday 18th September Schools Shows 10am & 11am