Morning Session 11am – 2pm
Afternoon Session 2pm – 5pm


Each Ticket admits you to drop in/ out of  the following morning or afternoon session of the following events:
The Room of Joy/ Naghali- Ancient Persian Theatre Stories / Creative Mandalas / EKAABO!/ Short Film Screenings/ Discovery Gospel Choir.

The Room of Joy (RUA RED Project Space)
This is our invitation for you to turn off your devices, forget about the world outside and connect with your inner child. Viewing the world through a child’s eyes is a unique experience. Remember the excitement you once felt when learning new things. A new taste, a new game, a new language… Join us, and open your heart to new experiences and connect with people from different cultures and break the barrier of language. In this interactive performance, our special hosts from different parts of the world will invite the audience to play games together and experiment with their senses in new ways, learn languages and create individual pieces of art. This program is designed for all ages to remember that we are all the same when it comes to finding ways to embrace life and happiness. So, let’s have some fun!
Suitable For All Ages


Naghali- Ancient Persian Theatre Stories (RUA RED Green Room)
Join us in this unique and special interactive live performance. We invite you to paint while listening to the mythical stories of Zal, Simurgh and Rudabeh, accompanied by Persian music. “Naghali” is an ancient performance, a combination of storytelling, music and painting for family audiences. This is one of the oldest forms of Persian traditional theatre. The performer – the “Naqqāl” – recounts stories in verse or prose, accompanied by gestures and movements, and sometimes instrumental music with illustrated stories on the wall. This art form is the national epic of Greater Iran. The stories are both mythical and historical, centered around the Persian Empire before Islam. These stories are celebrated in Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan. Come and experience this historic performance with your family!

Suitable For Ages 7+

Creative Mandalas (RUA RED Conference Room)
Help us create a Mandala. Our aim is to come together and create a large mandala with people from as many cultures as possible. As well as the collaborative large scale Mandala, participants will be guided on how to create their very own Mandala. These beautiful Mandalas will be a celebration of the art, symbols and words you associate with your unique identity. This is a unique opportunity to be involved in an intercultural piece of artwork.  The work produced on the day will be reflective of our individual cultural and personal identities. We will spend time understanding, appreciating and celebrating our similarities and differences. Come and join us. Let’s create together!
Suitable For All Ages

EKAABO!!!!! (RUA RED Dance Space)
“EKAABO”, is a Yoruba word meaning “Welcome”. Staying true to its word, this group of performers welcomes you to their event of Nigerian theatrical and communal entertainment. Get ready for an introduction to Nigerian celebrations. From performance, to Alo o (storytelling) and Gyration, there is something for everyone! We welcome you to come listen to the myths and legendary stories of gods and warriors, celebrate and dance to the sounds of the Nigerian cultural rhythm and just enjoy immersion in our cultures! Guaranteed fun for all those involved!
Suitable For All Ages

Discovery Gospel Choir (Studio Space @ Civic)

Tour the world through music, song, dance and story with Discovery Gospel Choir. Sing, move and play with us as you learn about world cultures and share your own. Discover new and exciting ways to engage with the world and those around you as you immerse yourself in music and song with Ireland’s leading intercultural choir. Suitable for all ages and abilities, everyone is welcome. These vibrant, family friendly workshops are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.


Short Film Screening (The Civic) @ 12 noon and 2pm Info TBC

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