4 September, 2017 //

Moon Woke Me Up


Inspired by a Haiku of the same title by Basho Matsuo, Moon Woke Me Up is an interactive theatrical adventure to the Moon! Little Bigtop present a short puppet performance to an original poem by Joanna Williams, imagining a host of fantastic images inspired by gazing at a bright full moon. This quickly leads to a plan to head for the moon, together the children must help build a rocket, and facilitated by Joanna Parkes they’ll get in role and prepare for a fantastic space adventure. Hold onto your seats … the moon awaits!

Moon Woke Me Up, is a work in progress, created especially for The Civic’s Ready, Steady, Show! Mini-Fest on 12th September 2017, we would like to thank Maria Gaynor and the children at Sugradh Childcare, Co. Tipperary for assisting us in the development of the piece.

The piece is suitable for groups of 10 children aged 3-5 years and their adults.

Joanna Williams is a visual theatre artist & performer creating original work for Early Years audiences as Little Bigtop. Her shows are interactive, highly visual & playful. Joanna recently spent a year as Theatre Artist in Residence at VISUAL, Carlow exploring and developing her practice in Early Years. Currently Joanna is Early Years Director with Helium Arts, devising and directing Pop Up Picnic a piece of multisensory theatre for early years children with complex disabilities. Her process begins with the child, ideas & themes for new work are developed through explorations with young children, using a child centred approach, driven by play & observation.

Joanna Parkes is an experienced Drama Facilitator who has been delivering Drama programmes in the Primary School Sector for over 20 years. Since 2013, Joanna has been developing a series of playful encounters and drama experiences for Early Years using using drama, story and theatre, often working with the Ark and many venues nationally. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Early Childhood Education at Marino Institute of Education which will inform and strengthen her creative process.

Joanna Williams and Joanna Parkes: Combined Practice
Together we have been developing a unique and original way of working with young audiences that includes them in an experiential drama process, gives them the opportunity to engage and interact with the performers and also produces beautiful moments of pure theatre where they are entranced by the magic happening in front of them. We believe our combined skills and experiences create unique encounters for audiences from ages 2 years to 5 years, blending the engagement and interaction of a drama process with the immersion and magic of theatre and puppetry. Our first work Whatever the Weather will tour nationally in Spring/Summer 2018.