13 April, 2017 //


Contemporary dance is an exciting, inventive and visually dynamic art form. Yet few of us know what it actually is. Have you ever wondered what inspires a dance company to turn life into movement? Or what they do behind seemingly impenetrable doors? Or how they go about turning blood, sweat and tears into works of such startling beauty and joy? Well, now, the Liz Roche Company, one of the most acclaimed Irish contemporary dance companies of the past decade, want to share their secrets with you.

In conjunction with The Civic, the Dublin Dance Festival and Tallaght Community Arts, the company invites you to take part in a unique journey of discovery by becoming a member of their ACTIVE AUDIENCE community. For the next six months you will shadow the company as it goes about their business and prepares to revive one of its landmark works – 12 Minute Dances. You will meet the people who are going to recreate this acclaimed work, you will learn why contemporary dance is so unique and rewarding, you will join them as they devise and rehearse, laugh with them as they struggle and strive, partner them as they finalise their performance and even, if you so choose, take part in the final showing in September on the main stage of the Civic theatre.

Don’t worry. It will cost you nothing but your time and engagement and throughout the experience you will have your very own Active Audience Guide, Jenny Macdonald, who’ll be looking after you all along the way. In the end, we believe you will discover just how much you love the dance and what a special and life changing time you have had whilst partnering them on the road. When the lights come up on that first performance, you will be there with them; sharing, caring, wiser and wowed by the enriching joy of the dance.

ACTIVE AUDIENCE; bring the dance to life. Be one. Be there.


Wednesday, 3rd May, Loose End Studio, The Civic, Tallaght

7.30pm – 9.00pm

Accompanied by refreshments (including the odd sticky bun!), you will meet the participants (including local composer Ray Harman), learn about Irish contemporary dance, hear the great plans the company has for you in the six months ahead, watch them as they go through a few steps and get to make your mind up if this journey is made for you.

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