28 August, 2015 //

Little Light

The story of one little girl’s quest to bring back the Sun

This Christmas season we bring a winter treat for everyone aged 5 and over. Little Light is a tale inspired by Nordic mythology about the adventures of one little girl in the darkest days of the year. This production from critically-acclaimed and beloved Monkeyshine is filled with live music, stunning imagery, playful storytelling and all the goodness of the season.

Little Light is set in the wintertime, as the snow covers the land. The storytellers are on their way, bringing magic from the far north. They carry with them a wonderful, heart-warming story of a little girl’s quest to bring back the Sun and so save her family.

Warm in their cosy house in the high mountains, this family waits for the days to grow longer and for spring to arrive. But one day the Sun doesn’t rise. When it doesn’t rise the next day or the next and Darkness settles in to stay, they realize that someone has stolen the Sun! Our young heroine Lucia decides to do something about it, and sets off accompanied only by her cat and her tinder box on a mission which will lead her into the world of the trolls…

For over 15 years Monkeyshine have been creating a beautifully crafted brand of theatre that is vibrant, ingenious, bold and playful in spirit. 2015 has seen the company giving sold-out performances of their works such as The Little Princess and The Magic Bookshop across Ireland.

Ages: 5+ years

“Monkeyshine are an Irish treasure”
Vicky Ireland MBE Vice Chair, Theatre for Young Audiences, England
“Child’s play at its best ****” – The Irish Times
“Better than all my cartoons!” – Young audience member
Monkeyshine Theatre clearly have a talent for children’s shows” *****Five Stars  – Three Weeks at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Presented by Monkeyshine Theatre
Co-Commissioned by The Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire
Inspired by ‘Lucia and The Light’ by Phyllis Root