2 November, 2015 //

Laochra Gael

“Laochra Gael is the definitive story of the insurrection, the People’s story” John McDonagh, WBAI RAdio, New York

Laochra Gael is the story of the 1916 Rising and it’s heroes through music, poetry, story and song. Those in power write the history books while those who suffer write the songs and poems. The play chronicles the tapestry that formed the background to the rising, the insurrection itself and the heroes both celebrated and forgotten. The play is directed by Michael Byrne a former star of Mrs. Browns Boys. The music and songs are performed by The Druids, Uileann Piper Tommy Keane, Aine Holland and tenor Shay Roche. Narrator Noel Shannon is joined on stage by acclaimed actors Kevin Shortall, Mick O’Brien, Aisling McDonagh and Barra De Roiste.

Presented by Sham Entertainment Ltd