4 February, 2016 //

Language of the Mute

This highly relevant, compelling play, by Jack Harte, is a powerful exploration of how charisma can be used for unscrupulous purposes and how the inability to find the language to challenge it can shatter lives.

Ex-pupils invade a Dublin classroom to confront their former teacher, whose actions have had a profound effect on them. Now he must be called to account so that the past can be confronted and futures faced.

This multi-layered drama takes the audience on an emotional roller-coaster where secrets are revealed and sacred cows held up to scrutiny; where young love is re-kindled and idealism endures.

Ages 15+. Some people may find scenes disturbing.

“The play’s passion to de-bunk blood sacrifice is as fierce as it is salutary…this is an important play”Sunday Independent

“…beautiful dialogue and tender moments”The Public Reviews

“…a compelling play by Jack Harte…”Martina Devlin, Novelist / Journalist

Written by Jack Harte
Directed by Liam Halligan
Presented by Parthalonians Theatre Productions