15 February, 2017 //


Following the universally acclaimed The Man In The Woman’s Shoes, Mikel Murfi returns with a new tale of the indomitable Pat Farnon. Late in life, cobbler and all-round contented man Pat, marries the redoubtable Kitsy Rainey and it’s a match made in heaven, in more ways than one. A tender account of a most unlikely union: you may never look at life in quite the same way again! Created for the Bealtaine Festival, this joyful work is the 2nd collaboration between Mikel Murfi, Sligo County Council and Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo.

Written & performed by Mikel Murfi
Presented by Loco & Reckless Productions Ltd
Phography credit Vitaliy Piltser

Duration: 80 mins. No interval