26 August, 2015 //

History Ireland Hedge School

Patrick Pearse: proto-fascist eccentric or visionary? Whatever one’s point of view, Patrick Pearse has always engendered strong emotions. Shortly after the Easter Rising he became widely revered, some even suggesting he should be made a saint. In the decades surrounding the outbreak of the troubles in Northern Ireland, however, he was frequently described as a ‘fascist’. In recent years a more sophisticated view of Pearse has been developed in academic works but in popular perception he is still seen as a proponent of doubtful ideas, while allusions to autism and homosexuality have also hit the headlines. To discuss these and related matter join History Ireland editor, Tommy Graham, for a lively round table discussion with Joost Augusteijn, Roisin Higgins, John Gibney and Ruth Dudley Edwards.Brought to you as part of Red Line Book Festival 2015