8 August, 2016 //


Green & Blue is a new play by Laurence McKeown exploring the painful and humorous realities faced by individuals who patrolled the border during the height of the conflict.

Based on an oral archive of serving RUC and An Garda Síochána officers, collected by Diversity Challenges, this new production fuses theatre and film to look at the person behind the uniform and the different experiences of two individuals on either side of a line in the ground.

Directed by Paula McFetridge and performed by James Doran and Vincent Higgins, the production challenges assumptions about policing in our heritage and opens a discussion on the future of policing in Ireland.

Written by Laurence McKeown
Presented by Kabosh in association with Diversity Challenges

Duration: 60 mins + post show discussion with a member of Diversity Challenges (a past RUC or Garda Officer who was involved with the collection of the Oral Archive on which the play is based).