2 November, 2015 //

Flann’s Yer Only Man

“The (Palace) Bar was host to a wonderful one-man show by Val O’Donnell, titled ‘Flann’s Yer Only Man’- a short journey through the life and legacy of Flann O’Brien.”Sunday Independent

“His performance in the United Artists Club was informative, lively and thoroughly entertaining.”Don’s Dublin, Blog

“Flanns Yer Only Man, a one-man show by Val O’Donnell, based on the works of Flann O’Brien, was a howl.” Irish Eyes on Pencil Stubs online

“It is an unassuming venue for a theatre but…great theatre and great performances can happen behind any Dublin door.”The Public Reviews

“It is informative and delightful, what more could you want?”The Red Curtain Review

“An interesting and witty insight into the life and works of Flann O’Brien” No More Workhorse

Flann’s Yer Only Man is based on the life and work of Flann O’Brien, aka Myles na Gopaleen, aka Brian O’Nolan (1911-1966), who is widely regarded as Ireland’s finest satirist since Jonathan Swift and a key figure in postmodernism. Val O’Donnell re-enacts a wide range of extracts from the humorist’s novels and his celebrated Cruiskeen Lawn column in the Irish Times. These are linked with key biographical events in the writer’s life.

Presented by Bare Bodkin Theatre Company
Written by Val O’Donnell
Directed by Terry O’Dea