26 August, 2015 //

Fit To Run

Join Gerry Duffy, endurance athlete and author “32 Marathons” and “Tick Tock Ten”, and nutritionist Barry Murray (OptimumNutrition4Sport.com), in this highly motivational talk that will help athletes at any level achieve their goals.

Gerry Duffy has a sporting CV which has seen him complete some of the hardest endurance challenges on the planet including running 32 marathons in 32 days as well as a DECA-Iron Distance Triathlon, an event dubbed the “toughest 10 day endurance challenge in the world”. Gerry travels around the world delivering talks on topics covering goal setting and the importance of having a “can do” attitude.

Barry is a performance nutritionist who specialises in endurance sports and works closely with professional cyclists, triathletes and distance runners. Barry has been a columnist for the Irish Independent and has been featured on several national radio broadcasts. In 2013, he was Sports Nutritionist with BMC Professional Cycling Team working directly with the U23 Development Team while also part of the advisory panel for the ProTour Team responsible for optimizing recovery strategies, race day protocols, body composition and training adaptations.

Brought to you as part of Red Line Book Festival 2015