Princess Jenny is an everyday heroine on a quest to become a queen with a throne of her own. Along the way she needs to fend off some adversaries from both outside and within. A ritualistic, modern fairytale that travels the world discovering the things we need to say and what it takes to say them.

Written and performed by Jenny Macdonald, Enthroned premiered at First Fortnight Festival, and was then programmed in the New York International Fringe Festival and SoloSIRENs Festival, 2019 which took place at The Civic,

Jenny is a writer, performer, director, and facilitator. Recent credits include as director/performer This Was Never Going to Be Normal (Deirdre Murphy & Rebecca Reilly, Galway Theatre Festival); as director Can’t See the Woods for the Trees (Doors to Elsewhere Ensemble, Rua Red Gallery); as performer Capitalism: The Musical! by Deirdre Murphy (Galway Theatre Festival, XM24 and Next Emerson, Italy); and as director/facilitator, Falling at SoloSIRENs Festival 2019.

Written and performed by Jenny Macdonald
Director/Dramaturg:  Joe Salvatore
Designer/maker: Troy Hourie
Assistant Director: Sorcha Shanahan

Age 15+

A SoloSIRENs Production, supported by The Civic

Presented as Part of First Fortnight Festival, 2021.
First Fortnight is a charity that challenges mental health prejudice through arts and cultural action.

Thursday 14th & Saturday 16th January, 7.30pm

On Saturday, January 17th a Post Show Discussion will follow performance at 8:30pm
SoloSIRENs will host facilitated post-show discussions after the Saturday and Sunday shows of Enthroned and Baggage. The conversations are a chance to further explore the mental health themes in each show and their connections to gender inequality.

For Info on play Baggage, as part of First Fortnight CLICK HERE