6 August, 2014 //

Defender of the Faith

Defender of the Faith is the debut play of Stuart Carolan, the author and creator of RTE’S infamous, LOVE/HATE.

A brilliant thriller set on a farm in Armagh 1986, the play tells the story of a family, entrenched in paramilitarism and under the constant watch of British forces. When a visitor arrives with the job of rooting out a police informer, paranoia grips the farm. The family’s isolated farm becomes the setting for the electrifying exploration of a family tested by loyalty and love.

Defender Of The Faith is blackly comic and chillingly real, with an atmosphere taut with tension. Cast includes Lalor Roddy, Peter Gowen and Diarmuid de Faoite.

Please note the production contains strong language. Recommended for ages 15 years and upwards.

Presented by Decadent Theatre
Written by Stuart Carolan (Creator/Writer of LOVE/HATE)