6 August, 2014 //

Damn the Circus

Damn everything but the circus. She is a cruel and a demanding mistress. In her crown of sequins and sawdust, youth will perish and talent will bleed, and yet we love her so.

Kenneth Fall, Tina Machina and Ursula Burns are Ireland’s international award winning, uniquely absurd, Tumble Circus. Ursula Burns, the most dangerous harpist in the world supplies the live soundtrack. Kenneth Fall and Tina Machina deliver exhilarating and death defying circus. With trapeze, hula-hoops, juggling, acrobatics and silks, Damn the Circus is a tale about making the dream of circus and it’s hard annoying reality.

‘If you don’t leave loving this show, you might not have a heart. Extraordinary’ Metro Herald ★★★★★
‘This is a jubilant celebration that takes inspiration from the anarchy of punk, controlled skill of circus and tenderness of friendship’The Stage
‘Ingenious acrobatic performance’Sunday Times

PLEASE NOTE: Suitable for families with children aged 8+ PG rating as mild swearing at times.

Presented by Tumble Circus